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Lean On Me Solutions is here for you and your tasks in 2012 and beyond.
         Let's face it as we live our daily lives - "It is not about the Stuff".


Call Peg at 507-779-6064 to customize your next task.  Text Peg at 507-779-6064 or email Peg at peg@lean-on-me-solutions.com    I will be your efficiency expert!

Personal  -  Home  - Business  -  Seniors

(My Areas of Expertise)

Would you like a fitness coach or some nutrition tips? 

Is your garage, kitchen or bathroom seeking a change?

Can your filing system use an overhaul?

Retiring or relocating, how about some assistance?

Lean On Me Solutions
offers a diverse menu of services performed by a Professional Organizer.  The day to day common tasks that you "choose not to do" for whatever reasons, will be diligently performed on your behalf. 

Industrialization, nesting, downsizing and technological protocol are all real factors that have contributed to the need and desire for organization.

Keen and discriminating organizational skills are easy to learn and just as easy to implement into your routine.

Let me help you reclaim your precious time and add more balance and order to your life.
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